Lily: The Story of an Orphan

Lily is the story of a little girl, trapped within a large, cruel world.  At the age of four, she was orphaned.  Her only family consists of two brothers and a sister.  Several years have passed since the death of her parents, and the four children are now living in the heart of New York City, in the turbulent year of 1918.  Every day brings new challenges as they struggle to obtain food, shelter, and money.  Then, after years of desperation, their lives start to look up, and the hope of having parents once more is rekindled.

Yet when Lily is put onto the Orphan Train, it appears that their family will never be complete again.  The young girl, only eight years old, is taken from her siblings, and everything she has ever known.  Lily is the story of her fight for happiness.

Perhaps a book named Lily should be a book about something pretty.  But Lily’s story isn’t something that could be considered pretty.  She lives in a world that seeks to demean her, that has ripped her from her siblings, taken her parents away, and continues to break her apart.  Can happiness exist in a world so cruel?


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