A Fighting Chance

Seeing as it was the 4th of July recently, and a very important day in our country’s history, I thought it would only seem fitting to write a post on America.

The older and more mature I got, the more I always felt that American history is really something cool.  The idea that a few small colonies could be so set in a dream of freedom that they would form a totally new, original government, get together an army of ordinary people, and charge into battle against a country who had an empire so big that the sun never set upon it seems crazy!  Yet our forefathers did it!  They persevered through all their hardships and not only won, but inspired other countries to change too.

The American colonies looked sort of tiny compared to all those other big countries.  The were young, and a lot of people (even people in the colonies) didn’t think they could win a war against a nation as great as England.  In many people’s eyes, the Americans didn’t stand a chance.  But with courage, perseverance, and a whole lot of God’s help, we won.

Now maybe some of you think I’m going to stop there…but I’m not going to.  It seems silly to have a blog about a book and then not to write about it.

So what does everything I just said have to do with Lily?

Elizabeth and myself are just like those little American colonies in the eyes of everyone else.  We are the tiny, insignificant little people, in a giant world of writers.  We’re the newbies, the inexperienced; we’re the little guys.  So we are like America.  Now, because we are like America, does that mean that we will also win our battle?  Not necessarily.  We COULD lose our battle.  We might never be seen as great writers.  But, we also MIGHT win the battle.  If we persevere through all the hard, and tedious times.  If we discipline ourselves and fight to the end.  Then ladies and gentlemen, maybe one day we might inspire others to do something great too.


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