Dual-ing Authors

Two authors….  One story.  How do we do it?  Well, firstly, it’s not always as easy as you would think.

Here are a few of the problems I (Clare) run into when writing with Lizzie.  The first is, whenever I want to make a change, I always have to consult with Elizabeth, and that’s really annoying, especially when I want to be writing.  Another very big problem that we have is when Lizzie and I don’t always see characters the exact same way.  This causes problems because I will want Lily to sound, or act, more maturely than Lizzie thinks she is.  There is also the problem when Elizabeth and I disagree on a matter, like how to fix a plot hole.  I am also known for wanting to make large changes, when Lizzie doesn’t always see the point in them.  So how do I deal with all these problems?

The way I deal with the first problem is by simply practicing patience, even when it’s hard.  And though it is annoying to wait to talk something over with Lizzie, by not rushing to tell Elizabeth an idea, she gives me the time to think everything through, so that I can present it to her in the best, and most understandable manner.

Dealing with the second problem is a little more challenging.  But after talking things over (it should be understood that Lizzie and I RARELY fight), we normally just come to a compromise.

The last problem is almost always resolved in the same way…Lizzie gives in, and goes along with what I say.  Whether this is because my ideas are always amazing and perfect, or because Lizzie is just plain awesome and isn’t prideful but will see the truth in a good idea, I’m not sure. (probably a little bit of both)

That would be my side of the our story.  I won’t lie, sometimes it really is hard to write with another person, but in the end, everything always works out, and I’m glad to have another person to lean on now and again.



It’s sometimes difficult to write together, when Clare is writing one chapter and I’m doing another.  When those chapters are linked together and we’re both writing different things about the same event, it can get kind of confusing.  Often, Clare suggests huge, dramatic changes (once, when we were almost done with our story, she wanted to change the entire setting from the country to the city!) and they require a lot of serious rewriting.  But they’re almost always for the better, so I’ve learned to just go along with them.  Of course, we have disagreements about how the plot of the story should run.  For a long while, Clare and I disagreed about the ending, but we eventually came to an agreement, which we are both happy about.  Another thing that could be considered a problem is the fact that our writing styles are so very different!  My style is more “fun” and easy to read, while Clare’s is more sophisticated.

With all of these difficulties, we just learn to work together.  For example, I write for some of the characters, while Clare writes for others, and in doing so, we have used our different styles to give each of the characters totally unique personalities.  I would also say that this whole writing experience has been good for our friendship.  We both have gotten to know each other more, and we’ve discovered how incredibly similar our minds are.  Although writing together has its difficulties, overall I think it is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.



We would like to close our post by saying that it’s really enjoyable to have another person to write with, even when opinions and methods differ.  When one person doesn’t want to write, the other usually does, and talking over problems with someone who knows the story inside and out is quite relieving sometimes.

We aren’t saying that everyone is meant to write with a partner, in fact, most people aren’t.  But when it comes right down to it, we are glad to be partners to help each other along the way.

Your bloggers,

Clare and Elizabeth


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