Meet the Protagonist

As is made obvious by our home page, Lily is the protagonist in our book.  Because she is so important (I believe there would be a problem if our main character wasn’t important), we have decided to write a post about her.

Now it should be understood at once that Lily has a character that is very complex.  Many of her characteristics are not definite, but change depending on the circumstance.  This, perhaps, may seem a little odd at first, but when her background is taken into considerations, it seems very normal for a child such as her to be confused in what she should be doing.  One thing that we would like to say about Lily’s character before anything else is that she is, very surprisingly, rather weak and sensitive.  It would seem that when a book is about a child in a rough city, living in a harsh world, the child should be as harsh and rough as the world and place she lives in.  But this is not the case with Lily.  It is true that she has a little toughness about her, but in the long run, she is very sensitive.  She is an eight-year-old child, and though mature (we will get into that in a moment) she is still only eight, and portrayed as thus.  This is a major part of Lily’s character, as it makes her appear weak, and makes the reader feel more sympathy towards her, as she is only a little girl.

So Lily is rather sensitive, but she is also mature.  Yes, she wishes always for a better life, that is only natural, but she also looks at the world the way it is, and does not try to pretend that it’s better.  In her eyes, the world is what it is, and nothing can be gained by thinking otherwise of it.  She focuses all of her energy on doing what she can for her siblings.  Life is what it is, and though Lily always tries to make life better, her life can only get so good.

Now Lily is both sensitive and mature, but isn’t she more than that?  The answer to that is, yes, but I am only going to name one more factor of Lily’s character.  This characteristic is the devotion that she gives to her siblings, and the actions which flow from the devotion.  By this I mean that Lily only continues to live because of her siblings; they are her everything, the only thing that makes her want to wake up in the morning and face the horrors of her world.  Because Magdalen, William, and John are so precious to Lily, she is convinced that they are the only way to happiness.  This factor of Lily’s personality leads to another.  Because Lily cares for her siblings, and ONLY her siblings, this makes her almost indifferent to others.  This is not to say that she is heartless, as Lily does pity those who have nothing like herself, but when a decision has to be made, Lily will always do what she believes best for her siblings, even if it means hurting someone else.

As Lily is our protagonist, we hope that you like her character, and everything she stands for!


Your Bloggers,

Clare and Elizabeth


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