Panem Oppressed??????

I (Elizabeth) recently read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and realized something.  It is very obvious that the people in the districts are oppressed by the Capitol, but has it occured to you that the people in Panem are under oppression, too?  In fact, if anything they are more exploited by the government than the people in District 12, because they have no idea that they are completely under the government’s control.  But they seem perfectly happy.  Why?  Because they are oblivious.  Think back to Katniss’s prep team.  How stupid they are.  Almost inhuman, like animals.  Their biggest worries revolve around parties and fashion.  At least the people in the districts know that they are being oppressed, and because of that, they still have a bit of freedom, and can fight this oppression.  But the people of Panem are entirely unaware, sucked into foolish pastimes, and thus are like clay, easily molded into the Capitol’s wishes.  Because of this, they cannot be truly happy.

Now think to our world, today, how we too came to be addicted to silly indulgences.  Think of how easy the people of Panem are to control, because they are so distracted they don’t see what is truly going on around them.  Are we like that?  Do we, the people of America, spend so much time indulging in useless obsessions that we become blind to the problems that go on around us?  Do we spend our time making a better America, or mak` ing a better high score?  Do we see the troubles of our world…and more importantly, do we face them?  Over all, the important thing to remember is:


When ignorant to problems you are helpless.  Only understanding your situation can help resolve a problem.



8 thoughts on “Panem Oppressed??????

  1. Interesting. Reminds me of an article I read a while ago about the difference of 1984 vs. Brave New World. In essence, the Districts are watched over by a Big Brother-esque entity, while Panem is controlled by–as you point out–their indulgences. Some good food for thought. Thank you


  2. This is one of the things I enjoyed about reading The Hunger Games (which I hadn’t expected to get out of it) is that there are a number of layers of commentary about society in there — any book that actually makes you think about the world in which we live at this level is a good book!


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