I See Silence

Perhaps this seems like a rather weird title, but I wish to explain the truth in it.  And the truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that our world is very silent.  Now I know what you’re thinking, and it’s probably something along the lines of “Silent?  Our world?  How can you possibly call our world ‘silent’?”  But the truth stands, our world really is silent.

To understand what I mean when I say our world is silent, all my readers have to do is imagine they are doing something very, very normal; sitting in a car.  Done that?  Good!  Now, imagine that you are sitting in a car and that car is moving.  OK, so now you are probably saying to yourselves, “I’m sitting in a moving car, so what?”  But just imagine if that car was driving in the country, and you are looking out the window, what do you see?


The average person would say “I see houses, grass, trees, corn fields, driveways, playgrounds, fences, roads, sidewalks, horses, cars, etc.” But what would I say?

“I see silence”

That’s what I would say.  Because if you’ll notice I never mentioned seeing kids??? I never said, “children playing” or “children riding bikes” or “children sitting on their lawn talking”.  Some might take offense at what I say, but it’s the truth.

Recently I went biking through the neighborhood across from my house.  I’m not sure how many houses there are in that neighborhood, but probably at least fifty.  It was the afternoon, warm, with a slight breeze, and a clear sky.  The reason that I name these facts is because on the whole bike ride, I only saw two kids.


Beautiful day, perfect whether.


Nice evening, slight breeze.


That’s it, just two.  And two teenagers at that.  I’m not going to lie, while riding my bike, I was thinking about writing this post, but who could blame me?  All I could think was that I was in a nice neighborhood, riding my bikes with my two little siblings, in perfect whether, and all I saw were two kids?!?  In my eyes there was something wrong.  Yeah, you could say that maybe I just couldn’t see the kids, but the neighborhood was silent.  If there had been kids, and they had been playing the way kids should, I would have heard them.  But all I could hear was birds, the wind, and the sound of us on our bike ride.  Nothing else.  Nothing but silence.

Maybe if you had been on the bike, you would have seen perfectly cut lawns, neat houses and decks, carefully cut shrubs, and evenly spaced flowers, but all I saw was silence.




2 thoughts on “I See Silence

  1. Clare or Elizabeth, This is a beautifully written piece. It is very fascinating because you used the name ” Clare ”

    Why ? Because your grandmother’s middle name is ” Claire”, French for light. Tell me how you came to use the name Clare. Also, Ludwig Beethoven composed a magnificent piece called, ” Claire de Lune”, or” moonlight..” The grandest grandad or Dziadek. By the way grandmother in Polish is Babcia


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