The Forgotten Heroes

Think of all the people that we hear about who are considered heroes:

George Washington,

Christopher Colombus,

William Wallace,

And even in fiction stories there is an abundance, such as Frodo from the Lord of the Rings (or, really, any good guy from the Lord of the Rings).

Looking up to these people and calling them heroes is good, and they certainly deserve it, for they did countless brave, honorable, and heroic deeds.  However, there are others who did just as much, even more, but who worked in the shadows and whose names are not even remembered.

Washington led the Patriot troops, and thus was a major part in winning the American Revolution.  Countless ordinary men, though, the simple farmers who left their homes and everything they knew and loved to fight, are hardly remembered at all in the shadow of the great man who led them, even though it was they who actually did the great, courageous deeds.

Christopher Columbus, without the men who sailed with him, would have accomplished nothing, yet have you ever even heard what his sailors’ names were?

Frodo, while he certainly deserves acclaim for journeying to Mordor and destroying the ring, wouldn’t have gotten very far without all of the rest of Middle Earth helping him, though at times indirectly, throughout the entire adventure.  How many great men fell in battle, but whose brave deeds, that perhaps they sacrificed their lives for, remain forgotten?

Throughout history, no one even notices these people, the ones who gave (and indeed, in some areas are giving) their very lives, sacrificing themselves for the greater good, underneath the leaders who receive all of the honor and glory.  Although we certainly cannot forget the leaders themselves, we all must remember:

Without followers, the leaders are nothing.




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