The Art of Inception

I recently watched the movie Inception, and personally found it to be really good.  The concept of Inception was what really intrigued me the most.  The idea that you could get into the mind of someone while they are dreaming (which is when their mind is in its most vulnerable state), and plant an idea without that person’s knowledge, so that the idea grows into a principle, I found interestingly unique.  And as I do with practically everything, I related Inception to writing.

I write to influence others.  I want them to see and understand moral issues in a certain light.  By presenting my opinion in a dialogue of some kind, I am trying not to make my intentions too obvious, lest the reader should see my intentions, and put the book aside when they disagree.

In Inception, the plot was to get into a man’s mind, and place a certain idea in him, which would become a principle. Inception is the art of  planting a seed in someone’s mind without them realizing it has been planted at all; and for some people, so is the art of writing.

There is really only one word for what I try to achieve when I write, and that is inception.  When I write, I want to place an idea in someone’s mind so that it will grow into a possibility, a truth, and finally a principle by which they live.  But, as in the movie, it’s not all that easy.  The characters are attacked by the man’s conscience, who doesn’t want them to place that idea in his brain.  To incept him, they have to go to drastic measures to make it so that the man doesn’t realize he is being incepted at all.  This is the case with writing.  Often, our readers will not WANT to be incepted, and they fight back.  Their own moral views get in the way of the one we want to implant, and so they either stop reading, or ignore what we are saying as a whole.  So then, what is the proper form of inception?  How do we plant our ideas in the brains of others?

In the movie, it’s all about going deep enough.  In writing it’s all about being careful in how you present your ideas, and making sure they go deep enough.  You have to create a dialogue that they will be interested in. Enthrall them so that they are “within the book” and then plant your seed.  Make it so that your readers are so in love with your main character, that they are willing to accept truths along with them.

As writers, we have the ability to change people for the better.  Through our characters, we can show people that life is worth living, that there is hope, that there is always someone willing to stand up to what is right.  Inception is dangerous, and can have both negative and positive effects.  But if you succeed in planting your seed deep enough in your readers mind, so deep that it becomes a principle, well, you might just change someone’s life for the better.

There, now I’ve hopefully incepted all of you to see my point 😉




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