Only One

“Only one person died.”

Only one?  What a relief!

But wait….  One person with an entire life. All their hopes, all their dreams.  Who cares?  How does it affect you?  How will it affect me? How many people would be affected by that one death?

Every hope.

Every dream.

Every chance.

Every change.

What becomes of them?

We say one life is no big deal.  We think nothing of it.  But what if it was your father?  Your mother?  What if it was your brother?  Your sister?  Would it still not matter?  Could you still say “Only one person died.”?  And…






Would that life be so insignificant?  Would it still not be a big deal?

Every hope.

Every dream.

Every chance.

Every change.


Who will carry on what you started?  You could have changed the world.  You could have made a difference.  You could have saved lives.

You could have saved a life.

Only one person died.


Clare and Elizabeth


6 thoughts on “Only One

  1. Wow, that was really quite beautiful , and thought provoking. When you think about it, every person you pass, even if you know nothing about them, they have their own life, future, death, dreams, just like everyone else. And you don’t even think about it. About all the lives, stories, and dreams you pass every day. And sometimes everyone seems so insignificant, because they are passing by you, and you will never see them again; never know anything about them, or their life. But really, every life matters. Thank you for writing this.


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