Fairy Tales

“One day, you might be old enough to read fairy tales again.” – C.S. Lewis

An awesome quote, in and of itself, but what does it mean?  Well, think of when you were a little kid.  You read fairy tales, or perhaps had them read to you.  But then you grew up (always a dangerous thing) and became “too old” for fairy tales, or “too cool.”  If you don’t read fairy tales, though, what do you read?  Those big, thick boring books that are full of dry facts?  Probably not.  So you don’t really read anything then, and you feel justified, since all the adults around you are encouraging you in your growing up, saying, “Yes, good, you’re finally leaving behind those silly stories.”

NO!!!!!  That is probably one of the worst things that could possibly befall you!  You can learn from fiction, from the wildest, most imaginative story ever.  They encourage imagination, the make you interesting.  Without stories, you’re really just a boring, cynical, “that can’t happen” type of person.

Huge messages can be gotten across through stories, and these messages can truly change people.  Take the Lord of the Rings, for example.  The messages conveyed in that (bravery, perseverance, courage in the face of defeat hope when all is lost, it’s the little things [and people] that count, the list goes on) are timeless.  If, instead, someone just said to you, “You need to have courage, be hopeful, etc.” in boring, matter-of-fact, dry language, it would most likely fall on deaf ears.  But in the epic scale of the Lord of the Rings, you fall in love with the characters, and want to emulate them, making you a courageous, hopeful person.

When Lewis said that one day you might be old enough for fairy tales again, it means this: one day, you will pass through the cynical, skeptical age, and become innocent like a child again.  (hopefully)  Or, better yet, you will never enter that stage at all!

So in conclusion, READ THOSE STORIES!  Dream, imagine, believe.  Make stories a real part of your life.


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