A Note on Music

Music is everywhere.  It shapes us, and it shapes our lives as well.  Our moods can be easily changed by the music we listen to: if we hear soothing classical, we will relax, but if instead we listen to pounding rock, we will be woken up and invigorated.

But if music can so easily affect us and our lives, can’t it change our writing as well?  The answer, my dear followers, is yes.  Listening to a song such as “Happy” from Despicable Me 2 (who hasn’t heard that a bazillion times?) your writing will almost undoubtedly take on a lighter, optimistic tone, or perhaps one that sounds a little annoyed, as you wonder why on earth you are sacrificing your sanity by hearing it again.  On the other hand, if you are writing a dramatic, stirring battle scene, you will want,probably, dramatic, stirring music, most likely orchestral.

But you must be careful in your musical selections, because just as the right music can shape a chapter perfectly, so can the wrong music entirely destroy your efforts.  To go back to a previous example, if you are listening to the “Happy” song while writing the saddest scene in your novel, your writing will sound slightly twisted.  As Prince Charming admits that he will never be able to love the beautiful princess, and the tears are flowing, there will be a mysterious upbeat note in the background that makes the whole scene sound wrong.

So be careful, and plan your music when you write, so that it helps you instead of hindering.  The right musical selection will help you to block out the distracting world and aid you in becoming immersed in yours.

To finish, take a little time to figure out what sort of music is best for you and your writing (or reading, for that matter) because once you find it, it can change everything (for the better;).



5 thoughts on “A Note on Music

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