Whatever I Draw: Some Character Profiles

Hi everyone! In place of the next part to Whatever I Draw, I’m posting drawings of the characters and profiles for them. Tell me what you think!

Inline image 1


He’s the main character and is almost 17. Because of his highly stressful life, he is very serious and suspicious of pretty much everyone and everything. However, he is kind and is determined to do the right thing, often sacrificing himself. He has really dark hair, almost black, with gray eyes.

Inline image 2

Kirk is the leader of the team dedicated to keeping the pencil away from “them.” Although he’s had some experience, he sometimes struggles to stay calm, and is often tempted to panic. He has dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. As a side note, he’s also big. Not fat, just a big, strong guy.

Inline image 4

Stefania is the only girl on the team, and has a level head. She is able to keep calm in stressful situations. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Inline image 3

Luger is Stefania’s brother, and, as his name implies, he has an old Luger as his favorite weapon. He’s very quiet, but extremely attentive and observant. He has dark hair like Tullier, only shorter, and brown eyes.

I hope you all like them! …Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I’m blaming it on my computer’s scanner. 😛



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