Whatever I Draw, part 7: Shut Up and Start Thinking

Can’t believe we’re already at part 7! Remember, they’re being chased by some guys with guns…. Enjoy!

Kirk, Tullier, Stefania, and Luger dashed into the room, not even attempting at silence any more.

“The exit is here!” Stefania exclaimed. She reached for the trapdoor in the ceiling, but couldn’t reach it.

Kirk moved over quickly and pushed it open with a bang. Cool air and rain entered through the opening. He hoisted himself up, onto the roof, then bent down to help the others. In a matter of seconds, all four of them were on the top of the dilapidated building and the trapdoor was closed again. The heaviness of the rain had increased greatly and there was thunder to go along with it.

“Where now?” shouted Tullier above the noise, feeling suddenly dizzy by the height.

“That’s a really good question, Tullier!” replied Kirk. “And one that I don’t know the answer to!”

Tullier cursed. “We need to get off this building,” he called through the noise of the storm. He scanned the area. There was nothing around but rows of buildings, with ten-foot gaps between each of them. He turned to glare at Kirk. “You didn’t want to think through a way to get out before you chose this building?!” he shouted. “We’re trapped! After being with you for ten minutes, I’ve been trapped with the pencil for the first time in eight years!”

Kirk’s jaw worked as he struggled to control himself. “Okay, sorry! Would you like to be on your own for the rest of your life, instead?”

“Maybe I do!”

“Well, then why don’t you leave?” asked Luger.

“I just might!”

Luger half-smiled. “If you really wanted to, you would. So obviously you do want to stay.”

Tullier gritted his teeth. “The only reason I’m staying is because I’m decent enough to not leave you all to be killed!”

“Oh yeah, so how would you get away?” Kirk yelled.

“Boys!” Stefania’s voice cut through the howling storm. She stood with her hands on her hips at the edge of the roof. “Shut up and try to think of a way to escape! They’ll be here any moment!”

Kirk and Tullier hesitated, still glaring at one another, but Luger walked over to where his sister stood. He looked over the edge and then stepped back, breathing heavily.

“What’s wrong?” asked Kirk, joining them. “Afraid of heights?” he added, half-sarcastically.

Luger simply nodded.

“Oh great.” Tullier rolled his eyes. For a moment, there was quiet. They could hear the men downstairs searching the room, trying to figure out where they went. “We don’t have much time.”

Kirk bit his lip, realizing the desperation of the situation, and began talking, not to anyone in particular, simply going through logic out loud, while everyone else went over it in their heads. “If we can get to the ground, we’ll be able to move faster and we might prevent Luger from throwing up, but there’s still a guy down there, and he has a car. He’ll be able to chase us down. If we stay up here….” He trailed off. “Come on guys. We’ve got to get to the next building over.”

Tullier nodded tersely, having just arrived at the same conclusion. “Right. But how?” He paused, then said, “Wait a sec.” He dug out a sheet of paper and a pencil from his pocket.

His new companions stared at it. So this was the pencil. It looked… like a pencil.

Tullier stood on his right leg and bent the other so that he could use it as a hard surface for drawing on. He bent his torso over the paper to prevent it from getting totally soaked. And he began to draw. The tip of the pencil flew over the paper as Kirk and the others watched silently, breathlessly.

From below, the men had evidently found the trapdoor. With a hard shove from one of the men, it flew open loudly. One of the men put his hands up, ready to hoist himself onto the roof. His gun was laid on the roof, though still gripped by his fingers. He pulled himself up, and then instantly put his gun to his shoulder, scanning the top of the building for any sign of life that he might demolish. As he did so, the other man clambered up as well.

The first man spoke. “Where the heck did they go?”

Hope y’all liked it!


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