Whatever I Draw, part 8: Surprises for Tullier and a Slippery Board

Okay, everyone, part 8! Now y’all can find out what Tullier drew to get them away… safely?

Whatever I Draw

by Eliza May

“Where the heck did they go?” growled the man, and his companion grunted, thinking the same thing.

The answer to the question lay silently on the top of the next building over, breathing heavily. Four people and a board lay on their stomachs, not moving a muscle. In his hand, Tullier still gripped the pencil.

When he had realized that their only hope was for him to draw something, he had had no idea what to make. At first, he thought about a rope, but they’d need to secure it to something, and the roof had nothing that would suffice. A ladder was another idea, but quickly dismissed. Finally, as he was almost beginning to panic, he drew a wooden board, and prayed that it would be long enough. It was, just barely. They laid the board across the gap between the two closest buildings. Tullier went across it first, then Stefania. After that was Luger, shaking like a leaf in a hurricane and squeezing his eyes shut tightly. He nearly fell, but Tullier grabbed his hand at the last moment and hauled him to safety. After that was Kirk. The board groaned under his weight, but he made it to the other side. At the exact instant when the first man poked his head out of the trapdoor, Tullier pulled the board onto their building and they all lay silently, hoping that the gray rain would mask their presence.

The two men searching for them scanned the area, but could see nothing. They turned to each other, conversing, presumably on what to do next. Tullier strained his ears but could hear no audible words, just the rise and fall of voices on the wind.

At last, there was a frustrated shout. “He must have used the pencil and now he could be anywhere!”

So they don’t know that I’m with Kirk and everyone! Tullier thought. They think I’m still alone. And they also, his mind continued with satisfaction, are overestimating the pencil again, thinking that it’s some huge source of power that gives me superhuman capabilities.

There was an unintelligible reply to the first man’s comment, and then, louder, “If we don’t find him, we lose the reward! And then what? This was our last chance, and now they’ll send a whole squad-” The wind took the rest of what he was saying away.

Tullier wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear the rest of it anyway. Suddenly, he felt rather sick to his stomach. He had always presumed that there was a small organization after him. Today, he had been shocked by realizing that it was the government, or part of it, that was chasing him. Now there was another surprise. Always, he had thought that there were various people assigned at random to go after him. Apparently, though, judging from what these men were saying, it had been them. Three men. And people, not simply robotic black outfits holding guns. If it had been so difficult for him to stay ahead of two men, how would he escape an entire squad?

“Come on guys, we’ve got to go,” he grunted. “They’ll start searching the other buildings soon.”

Crawling on their stomachs, the four fugitives moved towards the edge of the building they were currently on, dragging the board with them, as quietly as possible. With the storm as a cover, all the little noises they made were unheard. Once they reached the edge, they put the board across the gap before them, and as before, crossed one by one. Then, running bent over double, they reached the other side of this second building and put the board down again.

Tullier nimbly went over; then, holding her hand, he helped Stefania across. Luger, who had gradually been getting paler and more scared by the height, stepped onto the board. It was slick with rain and oh-so-narrow. He gingerly took a few steps, shuffling slowly along.

He reached the middle. Kirk, on the one side, could no longer reach out his hand to steady Luger; Tullier, on the other side, couldn’t quite reach him either.

Luger slipped.

*stifles a horrified scream* …Poor dude.

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