Whatever I Draw, part 10: The Right Car

Hey y’all! Here’s part 10. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long already! For those of you who have missed the beginning of the adventure, here’s Whatever I Draw, part 1. Tell me what you think!

Whatever I Draw

by Eliza May

The street looked to be completely empty, with only a few old, rundown cars parked on the side; however, they all knew that lurking further up the road were their pursuers, and beyond that was their getaway car. By mutual agreement, Tullier led the way, followed by Stefania, then Luger, and last of all Kirk.

Once they had left the building and gone a little ways down the street, Kirk hissed to his companions in front of him. “Hey! Stop a minute!”

Tullier whirled, pressing himself to the side of one of the buildings, and motioned for the others to get down. He saw nothing wrong. Cautiously approaching Kirk, he whispered, “What’s wrong?”

Kirk grinned. “You have good reactions. But as of now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong. I just thought before we go any farther, you and Stefania might want to arm yourselves.”

Tullier breathed a sigh of relief. “Don’t scare me like that, Kirk.”


Luger and Stefania, meanwhile, had heard the whole exchange. Luger fondly patted the gun that was strapped to his hip, confident in the weapon.

Kirk, however, shot him a glance and shook his head. “Sorry, Luger, but that’s not gonna cut it.” He handed the smaller man a gun similar to the one he himself carried. “This will serve you better.”

Luger opened his mouth to protest, but changed his mind, took the gun, and sank back into silence. By his attitude, it looked like he had already had this argument with Kirk several times.

Then Kirk gave Stefania and Tullier replicas of the same weapon. As soon as the gun was in Tullier’s hand, he inspected it closely, then nodded, satisfied. “Nice gun. Where’d you get it? With the new laws in place, I haven’t been able to get any for a year, and let me tell you, that was one stressful year.”

Kirk grinned. “I have my places. You know how to use it, right?”

Tullier shot Kirk a glance. “Yes. I do know how to use it. Now come on; no more talking. We’ve got to move.” They resumed their positions and continued to move forward.

The rain, which had been pouring down so heavily, now lessened dramatically, so that it was nothing more than an irritating drizzle from the dreary gray sky. Soon the first building they had been it loomed before them, still a little ways off. The black car was nowhere in sight. The four companions grouped together, sharing glances. “Where’s their car? And where’s yours?” asked Tullier.

Kirk scrunched up his face. “First question: no clue. Second question: we get to the end of this street and turn right.”

Tullier rubbed his upper lip thoughtfully. “Well, I guess we’ll have to do just that, then. But keep your eyes peeled! Any worries, even if you think they’re ungrounded, and you give a low, quiet whistle, okay?” Everyone nodded.

They reached the building, going almost painfully slowly, though every moment was full of pounding hearts and quick breathing. Nothing happened. They passed the building, and still nothing. At last, they reached the end of the street. Before turning the corner, Tullier leaned against the building that stood there and stared up at the sky, breathing deeply. Something inside him warned him of coming danger. Once his companions joined up with him, he stood erect and addressed them. “Where is their car? There’s no way they simply left. Could they be waiting for us around this corner?” As silence met his queries, Tullier pressed, “I’m actually asking you this. Is there any way that they might have known you have a car here?” Then, more to himself than to anyone, he muttered, “And if they do know there’s a car there, they’ll know that I’m no longer alone.”

“I have no idea if they know,” Kirk said. “How could I?”

Tullier opened his mouth with a rejoinder, but Stefania interrupted. “Why don’t we just look around the corner and see if they’re there.”

“Good idea,” Tullier muttered.

Stefania was about to follow up on her plan, but Tullier grabbed her arm. “No, let me. The rest of you, follow. And if I get shot, for goodness sakes take the pencil, okay.”

Before anyone could stop him, Tullier, holding his gun in front of him, turned the corner and swept the area with the weapon. Nothing met him except the sound of his friends doing the same behind him and the steady drizzle of the rain. He relaxed, but only for a moment.

He heard a low whistle and turned. Luger was pointing behind them, where the nose of a black car was emerging from a side street.

“Which car is yours?” shouted Tullier to Kirk.

Instead of replying, Kirk took the lead and dashed down the street. Tullier, Luger, Stefania, and the black car followed them. Suddenly, Tullier knew without a doubt which car was the right one.

It was a bright red, shiny Honda Civic, looking as out of place as a rose in a field of snow. Of course. The fact that Kirk had a car in the first place was too good to be true. There had to be a catch.

Heh, heh, I couldn’t resist….. 😛 Please “like” or comment!


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