Whatever I Draw, part 11: Just Keep Driving

Okay, everyone, part 11! The idea for this part came from a friend of mine…. Tell me what you think!

Whatever I Draw

by Eliza May

As the black car turned down the street, the four fugitives dashed madly towards their only hope of getting away, the red Honda. The pursuing vehicle picked up speed. Kirk pulled from his pocket a key and pushed a button on it. The little red car beeped cheerily, signifying that it had been successfully unlocked.

Putting everything they had into it, they sprinted towards the car, slamming into the side of it because there was no time to slow down. Simultaneously, all four of them yanked open a door and leapt in. Kirk, who had, by unspoken agreement, taken the driver’s seat, turned the key in the ignition, and the engine came to life.

Kirk pulled out of the parking space and floored it, the black car only ten feet behind them. Unfortunately, the pursuing vehicle had much better acceleration than the little Honda and it quickly gained on them.

Three voices shouted, “Turn left, turn left!” to Kirk, who madly spun the wheel and screeched off down the road indicated. As hoped, the black car didn’t turn in time and passed the street. In no time, though, it backed up and continued the chase. In all, the result was that it gained the fugitives no more than a few seconds’ distance on their pursuers.

“Tullier!” shouted Kirk. “You need to stop their car! Draw something!”

Without bothering to reply, Tullier ripped some paper from his hoodie’s pocket and began scribbling on it furiously with the pencil. They hit a bump, however, and the tip of the pencil flew across the paper, making a long black mark. Growling with frustration, Tullier began on another sheet, but the same thing happened. Finally, on a third sheet, he succeeded in drawing what he had been attempting: a metal ball covered in long, sharp spikes. Rolling down the window, he held the paper out of it and shouted, “What I have drawn, may it be made real!”

Instantly, three sheets of paper disappeared, and a spiky metal ball, a tangled mass of something, and a lopsided, mechanical creature appeared in their places. However, only the ball fell onto the street, for the other sheets of paper had been forgotten and left within the car.

The strange creature flailed, bit, and made hoarse squawking noises as it struggled in the backseat of the car. Cries of pain and panic rose from the little Honda, as Stefania and Tullier, who occupied the backseat with the creature, tried to force the animal out the window.

A loud sound, almost like an explosion, made everyone in the car jump. The following car had burst a tire on the metal ball. Despite this, though, it continued to speed after them.

At last, with several scratches and bitten hands, Tullier and Stefania succeeded in shoving the creature onto the street. The moment it left the car, they threw the something out the window as well. Miraculously, despite the speed of the Honda, the animal landed on the ground unhurt, and turned to face the black car. The creature waddled towards the vehicle with a strange gait, and then, screeching and croaking, seemed to enlarge itself somehow, to a height of some eight feet.

The black car smashed into it head-on, and then hit the other something. The end result was that the vehicle spun out of control, hit the curb, and flipped onto its side. The creature was entirely unhurt, and returned to its original size, pecking like a chicken at the overturned car. Without waiting to see what would happened next, the little Honda and its occupants sped down the street and out of the city. They were silent as they contemplated what they had just seen. That is, until Kirk broke the quiet. “Shoot. Guys, we forgot to pay the parking meter.”

“Shut up and just keep driving,” Tullier said, grinning.

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