Whatever I Draw, part 12: Jason

Hi everyone! So I said in my last post that I got the idea for said post from a friend. Well, let me introduce this friend.

His name is Joseph and I met him at a camp this summer. Over email, I was complaining that I didn’t know what to write about next for Whatever I Draw, and he had a bazillion ideas, including… the pen guy. (don’t worry, I’ll explain) Basically, Joseph (at his new blog, https://peninkblog.wordpress.com/) is going to be writing a side-story to Whatever I Draw, about a guy named Jason Incape (pronounced IN-KA-PAY), whose story will be intertwined with Tullier’s. To find out more, check out Joseph’s blog!

Not sure if the whole two-people-writing-one-story-that’s-at-the-same-time-kind-of-two-stories thing has been done before, or if it will even work, but whatever….. This is going to be awesome, guys!!!

Whatever I Draw

by Eliza May

After their pursuers were immobilized, left to the mercy of the strange creature that Tullier had accidentally created, Kirk slowed the red Honda. Soon they were on the outskirts of the city.

Tullier spoke. “Where exactly are we headed, Kirk?”

“To our, uh, headquarters.”

“I thought you said you didn’t have a headquarters.”

“Uh…. Yeah, well, it isn’t exactly like a traditional headquarters with high-tech stuff and all.”

“Well, can’t say I’m surprised. What is it, then?”

One corner of Kirk’s mouth lifted up into an awkward grin. “It’s my… my house.”

Tullier raised his eyebrows. “Really. And what is your house like, exactly?”

“It’s, y’know, a house.”

“Kirk, seriously! Is it big, is it small, is it in the country, is it in the suburbs?”

Kirk shrugged uncomfortably. “It’s a kinda smallish house in the country, I guess.”

Tullier sighed, giving up on the extraction of any more information and settled back into his seat, with his arms folded across his chest. Suddenly, Kirk spat out a curse and the little car accelerated quickly. Tullier sat up, “What is it?” he cried.

“They got backup,” Kirk growled.

Indeed, following them was another black car, bigger and more intimidating than the first. It gained on them quickly. Kirk turned quickly down a street on the left, and then down another on the right, trying to shake the pursuers, but to no avail.

“Can’t you draw something?” Stefania asked, panic in her voice.

Tullier pulled out his last piece of paper and took a deep breath. Then, gripping the pencil, he began sketching quickly. The pencil slipped, creating a long black streak on the paper, and worse, the pencil dropped from Tullier’s hand and rolled under the front seat. A curse fell from Tullier’s lips and he fished around under the seat until at last, he found it. However, he never got a chance to use it.

The following car’s tires suddenly screeched, as a teenage boy–seemingly from nowhere–landed on its hood. He jumped off, onto the street, and as he did, the car spun out of control and slammed forcefully against a building.

Kirk, Luger, Stefania, and Tullier stared–shocked–at the boy.

He turned to them. He looked to be about fourteen, and, though not particularly tall, was fit and built well. It was obvious that he was Asian, and his black hair matched the color of his eyes. Although his age was young, from his mere stance it was easy to tell that he was mature far beyond his years.

Seeing that the boy wanted to talk, Kirk rolled down the car window. The boy spoke before anyone else could.

“My name is Jason Incape. If you want to live, follow me.”

Say hi to Jason, everyone! Tell me what you think!


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