W.I.D., part 30: The Easiest Way to Pick a Lock

Wow, part 30 already…. Hope you all enjoy!

Whatever I Draw

by Eliza May

At first, Tullier couldn’t believe his eyes as–through the craze of the battle–he saw Kirk limping along, supported by Jaxon. Then a feeling of guilt washed over him. He had been so preoccupied with surviving that he had nearly forgotten his friend. However, there was no time for such reflections now, as he racked his brain for ideas on what to draw, while desperately fighting off attackers.

The two men spotted Tullier and staggered through the mess of people towards him, fighting off attackers as they went. Finally, they collapsed at his feet. Or, rather, Kirk collapsed, groaning from the pain of his leg wound, dragging Jaxon down with him. Quickly, Jaxon sprang back up to his feet, fighting off any Pens that came their way. Seeing the paper and pencil in Tullier’s hands, he shouted, “What are you waiting for?! Draw something!”

“What should I draw?” Tullier screamed back, his panicked mind unable to think clearly.

“I don’t know! Anything!”

From the ground, Kirk’s weak voice said, “A key.”

“What?” Tullier asked.

“A key. For the gate.”

“But I have no idea what the inside of the lock is like!” cried Tullier.

“A bump key,” groaned Kirk.

“A what?”

“Just… give me the pencil for a sec.”

Tullier froze, greatly unsure of whether to hand to Kirk his single most prized possession.

“Tullier.” Kirk’s eyes were full of pain. “You can trust me.”

Wordlessly, Tullier handed Kirk the drawing materials. The instant they were firmly in Kirk’s clammy hands, he began sketching. Jaxon and Tullier kept attackers from disturbing him while he drew, and in a minute Kirk was done.

“What I have drawn, may it be made real!” he said. A key appeared in his hand. “How cool is that?” he grinned, despite his pain. Then he called to Tullier, and the boy leapt out of the fray and hurried to Kirk’s side.

After handing the pencil back to Tullier, Kirk grunted, “Help me to my feet.”

Struggling under the almost dead weight of his friend, Tullier boosted Kirk to his feet, until he was unsteadily leaning against the main gate, key in hand. “There’s no way that key will perfectly match that lock,” Tullier muttered.

“I never said it would,” Kirk replied. “Like I said earlier, this is a bump key.”

Tullier shoved a Pen away from them, into the waiting fists of Jaxon. “What’s a bump key?!” he cried.

“I’ll explain more later, but for now, just know it’s a way of picking a lock. But easier. I had to manually pick many a lock before I discovered these.” Deftly, Kirk pushed the key into the keyhole in the main gate, while Tullier wondered why Kirk seemed to know so much about lock picking.

The key slid into the keyhole, and Kirk turned it. At first, there was only a quiet click, unheard through the noise of the battle, but then the large gears within the lock caught up with bigger and bigger gears, until the whole mechanism was moving, making a loud grating sound. Then, with a dull boom, the large front gate swung open on its hinges.

Well, whaddya think? …And just as a side note, the lock-picking knowledge of Kirk was inspired by my brother. 😛


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