W.I.D., part 31: Agents Again

My sincerest apologies for missing my posting schedule last week. I’d say I was too busy with school and whatnot to write, but strictly speaking, that’s not really true. I had plenty of time; I’m just lazy. 😛

And I might as well take this opportunity to mention that I’ve received 200 likes on my blog!!!! 😀 Thank you, loyal followers!

Anyway, without further ado, may I present to you the 31st part of Whatever I Draw:

Whatever I Draw

by Eliza May

As the front gates swung open, the fighting momentarily faltered. Then, with a roar, the Pencils surged towards the fortress, viciously struggling to get through the gates. Following right behind were the Pens. Tullier, Kirk, and Jaxon found themselves being carried through the gates by the tide of people. Finally, they escaped off to the side of the crowd.

Panic filled Tullier as he saw the Pens rushing into the fortress alongside the Pencils. “What’s the use of this?” he cried. “All we’ve done is changed the location of the battle!”

“We’ll die fighting then,” Kirk said grimly, his face grayish-green from the pain of his wound.

“What? No!” Tullier shouted. “We’ve come this far; we escaped death before! There’s no point in dying now!”

They would have continued arguing had not a group of Pens attacked. Tullier and his friends found themselves fighting for their lives. Bit by bit, not even realizing, they gave way to their attackers, until suddenly they found their back against the wall of the fortress. Trapped in this way, Tullier began to understand that this time, there really would be no escape.

And then, from the gates, there was a new sound, a new noise above the dull roar of the hand-to-hand battle. Gunshots. Tullier, and everyone around him, craned their necks to see what was happening.

After a moment, Tullier’s stomach dropped, and blood began pounding heavily in his ears. An instinct that he had been nurturing since he was thirteen rose with overpowering strength within him. The instinct to run, to hide, to get away from the people who were now shooting their way through the gates. Panicked, he tried to dash away from the battle. His attackers momentarily forgot their curiosity and turned towards him, but when they saw that they would have to chase him down, they turned their gazes back towards the gates, leaving Tullier to his own devices.

Around him, though he hardly noticed, the battle had mostly stopped, and the only fighting going on now was at the front gates. Tullier shoved his way through the throng of people, breathing heavily. Someone grabbed his arm. Crying out, Tullier turned, facing the person. He relaxed somewhat as he saw that it was Jaxon.

“Tullier! What’s gotten into you? What’s wrong? Where are you running to?”

Tullier just shook his head. “Let me go, please. I have to go. I thought I’d escaped them, but no, no, they insist on chasing me, hunting me forever. Just let me go!”

“You thought you’d escaped who, Tullier?” demanded Jaxon.

“Them!” Tullier exclaimed, pointing wildly at the gate.

“The Agents?”

“Yes, the Agents! Who else?”

Furrowing his brow, Jaxon said, “Why are you so afraid of them? They’re a danger to us all, but you act as if they were after you alone!”

“Listen, Jaxon, I barely know anything about who the Agents are or what they want, and I’ve only recently learned that they’re even called Agents, but I have been hunted by them for years, and I have evaded them for years, and I won’t let them catch me now!” Tullier yanked his arm from Jaxon grip and would have tried to run again had not Jaxon, with lightning-fast reflexes, caught it again.

“Tullier. The Agents are not after you specifically. They hate us all. You running like a — like a coward isn’t going to help anything. Right now, we are all in grave danger. We have to do something.”

Though on the verge of terrified tears, Tullier managed to say, “But what?”

Looking the teenager in the eyes, as if trying to read whether or not he would be able to hold it together, Jaxon replied, “The fortress has turned out to be no big help to the Pencils, but it may help the Pencils and Pens together, against the Agents. Tullier, we must close the gates. And I’ll need you to help.”


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