W.I.D., part 33: The Beginning of the End

Well, summer vacation has officially BEGUN…. So I’ll be blogging a lot more, hopefully, and I’ll be finishing up Whatever I Draw pretty soon. So here’s the beginning of the grand finale. Enjoy!

Whatever I Draw

by Eliza May

Tullier dragged the last stone into place, and then straightened up, stretching his sore muscles. After mopping his sweaty forehead with his shirt, he jogged over to where Kirk was sitting, watching. When he reached his friend, he surveyed him critically before sitting down beside him. Though it had been nearly a month since Kirk had been wounded, he was still in a bad condition, weak and pale. Despite this, however, he had insisted on doing his share in fortifying the fortress, besieged by the Agents. He couldn’t drag stones around like Tullier and the other able-bodied people — of whom there were not many — but he directed the entire operation, and the end result was highly satisfactory: every entrance to the fortress was heavily shored up against attack.

Tullier’s pencil had also, of course, done its fair share of work, but Tullier’s mind and body were tired and didn’t perform as well as he should have hoped, preventing him from making superb creations from his imagination. Instead, he and the Pens and Pencils who were in good enough condition put their drawing instruments to more practical uses, drawing food and water in between heaving around large stones to barricade the gates to the fortress.

Now, though, most of the work was done, and they were at a stalemate. The Agents had positioned themselves quite strategically, so that they were protected by both distance and landforms from any missiles that the Pens and Pencils might conjure.

“Well,” sighed Tullier as he sat beside Kirk, “I’m glad that’s all finished. Finally I can get some rest.”

The moment he said this, however, Jaxon came running up. “Kirk!” He skidded to halt before them. “Our lookouts have seen movement from the Agents’ camp. They’re coming!”

Tullier leaped to his feet. Kirk attempted to, as well, but he was only halfway up when he thudded back to the ground, groaning. “You’d better help me up, Tullier,” he groaned.

Concern etched across his face, Tullier, grasped Kirk’s hand and pulled him to his feet. “Now,” Kirk panted, leaning on Tullier’s shoulder, “what’s this about the Agents coming?”

“Exactly what I said,” replied Jaxon grimly. “They should be here within the hour.”

Kirk scratched his head. “Well. I guess it’s a good thing we just finished up our defenses. Tullier, you and the others who can draw need to make a whole bunch of clever devices for keeping us alive. Jaxon and I will round up everyone who’s well enough to fight… and probably a lot of people who aren’t well enough, too, I’m afraid.”

Tullier nodded, and dashed off in search of others who could draw with him. Soon he had rounded up a large group, all of whom had already heard of the advance of the Agents. They wasted no time, but instantly set to brainstorming.

“We could draw a giant forcefield,” suggested a young woman with a short ponytail.

“Or an army of lions!” exclaimed a not-so-young man.

Tullier stared at them for a moment, unsure of whether or not they were serious. Finally, he arrived at the conclusion that were. Very serious. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, trying to keep down his frustration.

“Okaayyy,” he said slowly. “We’re not going to do any of those things. And do you know why?” Seeing that they would not answer, he did. “Because they’re all much too complicated. We need something simple…. We need guns. Lots of them. And big ones, too.”

“But aren’t those complicated also?” asked the young woman.

“Yes, but we have engineers here. We could each draw a part, and then assemble the guns piece by piece. You can’t exactly do that with a lion.”

Quickly, the plan was put into action. They each began drawing individual parts, while several engineering geniuses quickly assembled them. Then, all of a sudden, it stopped. Frantically, the Pens and Pencils shouted the words that were supposed to make their drawings real, but nothing happened. Dread filled Tullier.

A man ran up to them. “Tullier, Kirk and Jaxon want me to tell you that the Agents have with them some sort of machine, which they’re carrying very carefully. They want you to be prepared to combat whatever it does.”

Tullier’s shoulders drooped. “I think we know what it does,” he muttered. “These weapons are the only ones we have, then. We’d better distribute them… and hope for the best.” Frustrated, Tullier shoved his pencil into his hoodie. “You all can hand out the guns. I’m going to go find Kirk.”

Soon, the two of them, with Jaxon, were standing on the ramparts, grimly watching the approach of the Agents. Though they all itched to do something, there was nothing to do but grip their weapons in sweaty hands and wait. They didn’t have to wait long. The Agents got nearer and nearer, until they were just within firing range, and instantly, a barrage of bullets met them.

The Pens and Pencils fought fiercely, and the Agents recoiled from the first encounter, skirting just out of range. And then it was obvious that they had the advantage, despite being exposed on the ground, because they had more than machine guns. The first missile smashed into the side of the fortress, a little to the right of the gate. Screams, dust, rubble, and a gaping hole in the ancient stone wall. The assault continued, missile after missile striking the fortress.

Finally, the battered Pens and Pencils raised a shaky white flag above the walls — and an instant later it was obliterated by the Agents. Tullier, above the sounds of chaos, screamed to Kirk, “What do they want?! Can’t they see that we’re ready to surrender?”

“They don’t care about surrender,” replied Kirk grimly, wiping sweat from his brow with his sleeve. “All they want are the pens and pencils; they don’t care about the people.” There was a pause, and then Kirk burst out, “Dang it, I won’t die like this! I know I’m going to die here, but not like this! Come on, Tullier, if we’re going to die, we’re going to die fighting.”

Ya gotta just love Kirk….


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