W.I.D., part 34: The End

Well, guys, it’s a been a long journey, but finally we’re at the end…. Ugh, that sounds so cheesy. But hey, this is the last part, the grand finale, the END. I’ve gotta admit, I’m really excited, ’cause now I’ll be able to move on to writing other things. For now, though, enjoy the last part of…

Whatever I Draw

by Eliza May

Tullier ran after Kirk, who was seeming to forget about his wounds, striding resolutely across the ramparts. By the time Tullier caught up to Kirk, he was standing tall right above the gate, facing the interior of the courtyard, where rubble, a choking cloud of dust, and terrified people were gathered.

Using that powerful voice of his, Kirk shouted above the sounds of chaos. “Follow me!” he screamed. “We will not die like this, like trapped animals! We will fight! We will make a last stand! Follow me!” A great roar rose from the assembled crowd, which now, fueled by a desire to die bravely, was an army. Nimbly, Kirk jumped down the stairs until he was standing the courtyard, before the great gates.

Tullier was soon at his side. At a shouted order, the gates suddenly swung open, and the army poured forth, a battle cry reverberating from every throat. Taken by surprise at first, the Agents faltered, but only for a very brief moment. They quickly composed themselves and began mowing down the Pens and Pencils mercilessly with their guns.

Adrenaline coursed through Tullier’s veins, and he felt almost superhuman with the knowledge that there was nothing he could lose that he wasn’t already going to. Because of this, the machine gun fire meant almost nothing to him — until a burning shock of pain entered his stomach and flared throughout his nervous system. He screamed, falling to his knees, clutching the hole in his torso. As he lay on the ground, being stepped on by various feet, the world was a strange mixture of astonishing clarity and an abstract blur. And then the pain exploded throughout him again, and he felt himself being lifted.

It was Kirk.

“I’m gonna get you out of here, Tullier!” He heaved the boy across his shoulders in an army carry, then staggered across the battlefield, trying to get Tullier out of the line of fire.

With every step that Kirk took, pain shot through Tullier, blocking out nearly everything else. But then Kirk cried out and collapsed, dropping Tullier and landing on top of him. Before Tullier blacked out, he heard Kirk gasp once, and then lay still.


Bright sunlight woke Tullier, and he cracked open his eyes. Then he sat straight up, wincing with the pain from his side. He was in a small but cheerful-looking room that had an open window, through which light was streaming. Then the battle rushed back, and Tullier gasped, “Where am I? What happened? …Kirk!”

He swung his legs over the side of the bed, but a voice from the other side of the bed stopped him. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You’re too weak still.”

Tullier turned quickly to face the speaker, dizziness overtaking him as he did so. When his gaze focused, however, and he recognized the face before him, he felt worse than before. “You!” he screamed, for in a chair next to the bed sat Jason, the Pen who had betrayed him and killed his parents. He lunged for the boy’s throat, overcome with fury, but Jason jumped up and easily overpowered him, holding him down until he calmed.

“Tullier,” Jason said, “I can hardly blame you for your reaction, but you must believe me; I’ve changed.”

“That’s right,” said Jaxon, walking into the room, his right arm in a sling. “He saved all of our lives.”

“What?” replied Tullier, incredulous. “How? …And why?”

“Well,” Jason returned, “after that… incident… in the Pen headquarters, I fled, hiding in the city, trying to cope with the guilt I was feeling by protecting the innocent there, vigilante-style. But I was just running away from the real problem, which was that I had betrayed you and killed your parents. I’m really, really sorry, you’ve got to believe me. But anyway, I eventually found my way to my old house, where I discovered that my parents had been working to fight against the corrupt Pens and Pencils, and they had started to build an army of drawn robots. I completed their work, finished said army, and ambushed the Agents from behind, just in time, too, it would seem. Then we searched all over for you, and finally found you, under–” He broke off.

Tullier finished his sentence. “Under Kirk, right?”

Jason nodded.

“Is he… is he dead?”

“Yes,” Jaxon said from the doorway, bowing his head. “He saved your life, you know.”

Tullier nodded. “So… now what?”

“Well, the Pens and Pencils have realized that to fight amongst ourselves is no longer an option. We’re all sick of it. Plus, our numbers are so depleted that to fight again would be suicide, for both sides. So we’re going to rebuild from the ashes a new society, where Pens and Pencils work together and use their skills freely to help create a better world,” Jason explained, spouting it off so smoothly that Tullier was sure he had practiced saying it before.

He managed a half-smile. Everything was happening so quickly.

“Oh,” Jason smiled, “I almost forgot. We’d really like you to help with the whole rebuilding thing, so we thought you might like to have this back.”

And from the pocket of a purple hoodie that was draped across the foot of the bed, Jason pulled out a familiar pencil and handed it to Tullier.


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