I’m sure that pretty much everyone who’s reading this post reads a lot (seeing as most of you are bloggers, who seem to devour books voraciously). Which gives us all a ton of time for discovering different styles of writing, what you do or don’t like about said writing, and our pet peeves in the aforementioned writing. Today, I thought that I’d share one of mine.

Exclamation points.

They’re really useful, of course (in some situations, sometimes, maybe a teeny tiny bit), but they’re SO OVERUSED. People use them to try to add drama and excitement, but to be honest, they absolutely, positively RUIN action scenes. Your writing should be good enough and portray the intensity of a scene well enough without the need for an exclamation point. When someone writes something like “And then the dragon suddenly roared!” I feel like: 1. Pulling my hair out by the roots. 2. Smashing my head into the wall. 3. Smashing the book/magazine/computer that I read the atrocity in on the wall also. 4. Hunting down the author and exterminating him. Extreme as this may sound, I take back none of it!

See, right there that exclamation point was fine, because I’m writing in a sort of talking-to-you way that’s close enough to a dialogue feel to make it tolerable.

Seriously, the ONLY time in a book (blog posts are another story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) when I can tolerate an exclamation point is in dialogue, when someone’s yelling. But only one, people, please! Using ten, five, or even just two is WAY TOO MANY (ignore my overuse of them above).

Anyway…. I’ve finished my rant, but before you go, take this quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald. You could’ve just read it and skipped my entire blog post; you would’ve gotten the same end result of HATING EXCLAMATION POINTS.

F Scott Fitzgerald exclamation point

So true, isn’t it!!!!!!??????? 🙂


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