Happy Halloween

Firstly, Happy Halloween! Secondly, I apologize for taking such a long hiatus. Thirdly, here’s a random short story I wrote for Halloween. Enjoy!

Her eyes were wide like those of a frightened animal as she ran, branches ripping at her clothes and flesh. She didn’t even try to glance behind her as she tore through the forest; she knew what was trailing her. Recklessly, she carried herself as fast as she could go, pulling her dress above her knees lest she should trip on it.

But she paid a price for her breakneck speed.

With a cry of despair, she tripped and fell, rolling down a bank and landing in a pile of dry brown leaves. She scrambled to a sitting position, and glanced around desperately. Whimpering, she wrapped her arms around herself. Terrified. Filled with such abject horror she could hardly comprehend it. Tears filled her eyes as she rocked back and forth, one hand still grasping her skirt, and pressed to her mouth to prevent her from accidentally making a sound.

And then she waited. It should have caught up with her by now.

Frustrated, she realized that she would have had time by now to get back up and continue running, but now she dare not, because chances were, the moment she stood up again, It would catch up. For what seemed like hours, she sat there, not daring to move but at the same time trying to summon the courage to.

And then she heard It. She buried her face in her skirt, but picked it up quickly again, however, horrified at the thought of It coming upon her without her seeing It.

Shakily, she drew out a dagger, of sorts. It was very long and very thin, a foot long and half an inch at its widest point, looking terribly flimsy, though it contained a great, hidden power. It was the only chance she had against It. The only thing that might, possibly, work against It.

Then darkness came. Suddenly, with barely a twilight as prelude. She hadn’t realized it was so late, hadn’t realized that nightfall was upon her. But now it was quite black, and cloudy too. And she was still in the forest.

There was no hope for her now. It was just a matter of time.

The noise of It drew closer. It made a strange collection of sounds. For one, there was the shuffling through the leaves, that any creature would make when walking in the woods. Then there was the slight, almost imperceptible snuffling sound, dainty yet animalistic. There was breathing, too, the labored breathing of an old lady, and under It’s breath, or perhaps in it, was a sickly sweet sound.

A crackling noise came from behind her suddenly, and she stifled a scream, sobbing silently, and spinning to face the sound, dagger in hand, though she was still seated in the leaves. Then she heard something scampering up a tree, and relaxed slightly, lowering the dagger as she realized it had just been an animal.

But then she realized something else, something that filled her with pure dread and numbed her totally.

Everything else was silent. Completely silent. Unnaturally silent.

She no longer knew where It was. It was somewhere near, somewhere very near. It was here. But where?

And then the clouds parted, and the full moon shone brightly through the dry, brittle branches of the trees above her.

And It was there. In front of her. Kneeling with its hands on the ground, staring straight into her face with an eerie grin. It’s face was that of a old woman, yet not. It was gray, with rough skin that looked almost mummified, and the eyes were gray, completely gray, without even a hint of a pupil. It’s teeth were rotted and uneven, and their gray color was covered with speckles of red, which spread to the wrinkled gray lips. It was clothed with a sort of metal corset, which looked like a cage, and a couple thin strips of gauzy gray cloth hung down over It’s thin legs.

It did not speak, but opened its mouth wide, still smiling, and grabbed the dagger with a clawlike hand. With incredible strength, It ripped it from her grasp, and tossed it away into the leaves.

She didn’t even try to stifle her scream.

The end.

What did you think? I’d love to hear!


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. An end without an end.Was it a nightmare, or a subconscious fear its origin unknown.I liked it, it begs for an answer, but that would defeat the author’s intent, viz., keep up the suspense. Sort of an Edgar A. Poe, but better. Dziadek M

    Liked by 1 person

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