Beautiful People, March Edition

This month’s Beautiful People will focus on none other than Lily, the main character in my friend’s and my book Lily. (isn’t that just like the most amazingly creative title??!!!!) Anyway, on to the questions….


1. What’s their favourite book/movie/play/etc.?

Um, if Lily even CAN read, it’s very little, and she’s not the kinda gal who would want to sit and read a book.

2. Is there anything they regret doing?

Lily has a lot of regrets about her life (which is kinda sad, since she’s only 12). One of her biggies is how far she’s grown from her siblings, the only family she has left.

3. If they were sick or wounded, who would take care of them and how?

Honestly, probably a stranger. Poor Lily. Every so often, I realize that this is a story about a small child’s really dark, messed up, and traumatic life. Fun stuff.

So yeah, either Lily would be totally on her own, or some random Good Samaritan would help her out. Or maybe her older sister.

4. Is there an object they can’t bear to part with and why?

Um… I don’t think there is. Lily is all about cold hard survival.

5. What are 5 ways to win their heart (or friendship)?

  1. be consistently nice to her (she probably won’t trust you at first, so it might take a while for her to realize there are no ulterior motives. unless there are ulterior motives. in which case be careful, cause she’d probably sniff them out and really make you regret it.)
  2. be vulnerable. she DOES have a heart.
  3. be like her. although she probably wouldn’t trust you, cuz she’s not all that trustworthy herself.
  4. …and that’s all, folks.

6. Describe a typical outfit for them from top to bottom.

Top: Um… hair? 😛

And then just a dress, probably dirty and some indistinguishably grayish color. Probably no shoes, either.

7. What’s their favorite type of weather?

Just that niiiice day, when it’s not too hot, and not cold, and not humid. Maybe 70-ish degrees and a cool breeze…. Ah….

8. What’s the worst fight they’ve ever been in?


Um. Yeah.

Lily gets in fights a lot, actually. A lot of times, though, she fights verbally, and she has a really biting wit.

8. What names or nicknames have they been called throughout their life?

Well, people call her Lily! *really, oh my gosh, I NEVER would have seen that one coming*

And the poor thing’s been called a lot of nasty names…. Idiot, worthless, b****. Like I said, traumatic childhood.

9. What makes their heart feel alive?


Or at least she thinks so…. Sometimes getting what you wish for ain’t always as great as you’d expect.

Are any of your characters weird and antisocial??? 😀 I’m loooonely, please talk to me!! (actually, my friend is sitting next to me right now, but she’s not a person, so that doesn’t really count.) 😉


10 thoughts on “Beautiful People, March Edition

  1. Haha. Yes, I have a couple weird, anticocial characters. 😛 The first would be Destiny, since she’s deaf and therefore slightly suspicious about being around “hearing” people. Then there’s Whitney, who’s a member of a gang in a world I haven’t created yet (lol!). She’s actually a lot like Lily. And then Terri who’s the protector of a group of surviors ​after “the end of the world”. Her motto is “shoot first and if they’re no longer a threat, why bother with questions?”

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  2. Lily sounds like she’d get on with my characters in Glory Brats. (And by get on I mean tolerate….lol) I love Lily – she sounds like such an interesting, awkward character. I like how you’ve specified being ‘consistently nice’ – because someone like Lily would value consistency, given that her background seems less than settled.

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  3. Poor Lily! Sounds like she definitely has it rough for a 12-year-old. Unfortunately for her, those sorts of rocky childhoods make for some of the best stories. Heh.

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