Sherlock vs …Sherlock *dundunDUN*

My dearest friends, followers, and commenters….

Eh, too formal.

Yo, people, I need ideas for what to blog about.

Thank you in advance.


But in the meanwhile…. I am bored and I am going to write and HAHAHA you can’t stop me. And I will duct tape you to your chair and glue your eyelids open so that you must read my post (which as of yet I am not sure what it will be about)…. That escalated quickly. 😛

Maybe I’ll just rant about something….

You know what, I’m going to compare the BBC Sherlock to the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes. Because Sherlock = awesomeness. Just a side note, I haven’t seen season 4 of Sherlock yet, and if anyone spoils it I will track you down and throw a mango at you. (Why a mango, you ask? Because there’s one right next to me. Because you needed to know that.)





Things are gonna get dirty.


Let’s make a list, shall we?

  • OK, so both Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey, Jr., are amazing actors. There are some differences in their personalities, though. Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock is, in his own words, “a high-functioning sociopath.” Basically, he’s really rude and antisocial, and although I love watching him on TV, I think if I knew him in real life I would end up murdering him and then someone would have to solve the mystery of Sherlock Holmes’s murder. Watson, maybe? Robert Downey, Jr., on the other hand, although he’s funny and somewhat rude at times, has a more serious streak. In an odd way, I’d also say he’s… weirder. But that’s kinda a good thing… I think. Makes for some really funny scenes. It’s also amazing the way he plans ahead his every move. (That boxing scene where they played the Rocky Road to Dublin = ❤ ) You really appreciate his genius. (but the real question is… does he EVER shave????)


  • Elementary, my dear Watson! (I accidentally wrote “dead” at first instead of “dear”…. 😛 ) Anyway, I must pick a favorite between the two (very much alive) Watsons. I like the BBC Watson, played by Martin Freeman. He’s just the most adorable awkward dude ever! And he’s so chill with Sherlock’s eccentricities. The Watson from the movie, although he has his moments, is just kinda annoying….


  • About the actual productions, I personally prefer TV shows. They last longer and you get more attached to the characters, which makes you really really really REALLY mad when the show takes a turn for the worse, and your heart is devoured with grief when your favorite characters die or (even worse) the show ends….. It was physically painful when I finished the last episode of season 3…. While I still love movies, you can’t get into them the way you can with TV shows.


  • Mycroft Holmes. Is. Hilarious. In both the TV show and the movies. I mean seriously, I love that guy. But in the TV show especially.


  • Moriarty. He has so much more personality in the TV show, because again, TV shows are longer and you get to know the characters better. But I’ve got to admit, the Moriarty from the movie was pretty cool, too, in a deadly way. It’s really easy to underestimate the TV show Moriarty (which makes him all the more frightening). The Moriarty from the movie is very obviously evil and dangerous.


  • Mrs. Hudson. Is this even a question???? The BBC Mrs. Hudson is probably the best character in the entire show! (That may have been a slight exaggeration, but still.) And Sherlock’s attachment to her is adorable.



image, like all the others in this post, is not mine


Now, I could go on and on and on and, yes, on about both Sherlock productions. But I will un-duct tape you soon and let you go on with your miserable little life, so I’ll wrap this up soon.

Overall, I think the BBC Sherlock is much more polished and sleek; it feels more sophisticated and has more substance, whereas the movie is more of an explosion-y action movie. It’s fun but it doesn’t leave as much of a lasting impression. And the characters don’t cause you physical pain.

And personally, I LOOOOVE Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock’s character. As in, he’s probably one of my favorite TV characters ever.


But what do all of YOU think? The movie or the TV show? And don’t forget about my heartfelt plea at the beginning of this post: tell me what to blog about!!! …Please. 🙂 And THEN I’ll un-duct tape you and get you some glue remover for your eyelids.


7 thoughts on “Sherlock vs …Sherlock *dundunDUN*

  1. Oh my gosh I loved this post LOL. So I vote that the TV show is better… The Downey Sherlock is just weird and very disturbingly strange LOL. Cumberbatch does a better job, in my opinion, of nailing Sherlock’s real character.
    And I just like the TV show in general.
    And I’m done.

    What to blog about…
    I can’t be much of a help because I honestly don’t know what to blog about myself so… but how about you… i dunno. Maybe start a short story or something. That makes for an entertaining post, but keeps the work level a little lower LOL #lazy.
    Anyway, loved this post and SHERLOCK IS MY FAV ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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