Pictoprompter: Peep Gone Bad

First off, I’m back from Nicaragua! (have been for a while, actually…) If you want, I can write a post all about it. I’m really sorry I missed so many of your guys’ posts, but there are simply too many to catch up on. 😛

Anyway, there’s this awesome picture writing prompt over at Smudged Thoughts (complete with an awesome button!!) and I thought I’d give it a try. *deep breath* Here goes!

Warning: it’s WEIRD….



creepy peep thing.jpg

Behold, the prompt in all its *cough* gorgeous splendor….

It wasn’t just ugly. It was hideous. The stuff of nightmares. Every time Thomas saw it, he slung insults its way. He couldn’t get rid of it, since it was a present from his nephew, who was staying with him for two weeks, but it quite literally haunted his dreams. The first night it had taken up residence, he had imagined it bouncing towards him, fabric beak flapping with every hop, chirping, “I want you!” When his nephew was in the room, he managed to coexist with the nasty thing, but the moment the little boy left, Thomas would glare at it suspiciously.

But within that frightening exterior, it had a heart.

Sort of.

Its heart was a pink sugar-coated peep.

You see, despite the fact that the thing had a sign hung around its neck that said “Peep” on it, it most certainly was NOT a real Peep. You can eat Peeps. They’re marshmallows. With sugar on top, in case they weren’t already unhealthy enough. This thing… this was not a Peep. It was made out of coarse fabric and had the frayed end of a rope sticking out of its head. Its eyes stared hauntingly and maniacally out of its flat excuse for a face and its beak, already mentioned, was made of a floppy orange fabric. The thing resided in a nest made out of dried grass, with green wires twisted around it.

And Thomas’s nephew, while he forced his uncle to watch, took a Peep (the last one, I might add, which was from Thomas’s Easter basket. And no, despite the fact that Thomas was 35, he did not consider himself too old to still have an Easter basket) and stuffed the pink marshmallow goodness into the un-sewed back of this hideous thing. Then he sewed it up with thick black thread, making an ugly, jagged scar down the thing’s back.

And there it sat, in all of its appalling glory, for a week. No less, no more. No more, because one night, Thomas had another nightmare.

In this particular nightmare, the thing was dragging itself forward, using its floppy beak. Somehow the thing was permanently fused to its nest, so it could not walk like a normal chick. He could see, like you can in silly cartoons, the heart thumping inside of the thing’s chest, Peep-shaped, of course, and ignoring any prospect of there perhaps being ribs in the way. And he could hear it too: kaTHUNK kaTHUNK kaTHUNK kaTHUNK.

He woke up in a cold sweat, filled with a solemn determination of what he must do. The curse of this monstrous thing was that within it resided a Peep, trapped and unable to fulfill its true potential, the true meaning for which it was created.

So, flashlight in hand, Thomas crept down the stairs, terrified of what he might find.

His worst fears were confirmed. The thing was in its usual place, staring at him. Although he had expected to find this, he jumped nonetheless.

Then, with a steely resolution, he found the ugly black seam down the back of thing and ripped it apart. Within, he could see the pink sugary goodness, almost free. Ignoring the cotton stuffing that was flying everywhere, he tore out the Peep, admiring it.

Then he remembered: a Peep must fulfill its true potential, and a week old is when it is at its prime. He stuffed it in his mouth, chewed, swallowed, sighed happily, and went back to bed, visions of sugar plums dancing in his head. The fluffy carcass of the demonic thing laid strewn on the floor, its evilness vanquished forever.

When Thomas’s young nephew came down the stairs the next morning, all he could do was stare in mild shock.

The end.

Okay, so officially, I have a weird mind. I literally had no idea where I was going with this until I just starting writing. And then the words just started flowing, and VOILA! You have a slightly disturbing story about a 35 year old man who sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night to rip apart stuffed animals with Peeps inside of them. But that chick thing seriously looks kind of demonic. I sympathize with Thomas. Except I think I’d be too scared to actually face it. I’m dead serious.

I’d love to hear what you all think!!!


5 thoughts on “Pictoprompter: Peep Gone Bad

  1. Okay, so apparently I never read this (even though I could have SWORN I knew you had wrote a story for this prompt????) but I have officially read it and…

    OH MY WORD. I literally laughed out loud. Multiple times. This was amazing and creepy and slightly demented and just ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!! You have SUCH an amazing gift with words, my friend!!!! Thank you SO much for participating!!! I shall go pop this onto the participants board immediately!

    Oh my word, I loved this… XD XD XD THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LAUGHS!!!! *flings cookies at your face*

    (also, Thomas is absolutely amazing! XD [BUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS NEPHEW?????]) XD

    Liked by 1 person

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