A Very Weird Dream

Over at Short and Snappy, there was this really interesting post about a dream the author had. And it inspired me to actually write down the dream I had last night, which was one of those actually semi-coherent, really fun, realistic, etc. dreams. And even though it was kinda dark, it wasn’t a nightmare. Of course, I can’t remember every detail, so I’ll have to add some filler, but this is mostly what I can recall:

I was in the future. The two men were fighting on the rooftop of the school, fighting with fire. There were several wings of the building, for lack of a better word, and they rose higher than the rooftop, so that, even though we were far above ground, we couldn’t see the ground; it was like being in a courtyard. The sky was gray and overcast, menacing. I watched for a while, and then suddenly found myself inside of the school, and somehow I knew I was in the past. My mind was muddled from the time travel, but I believe I had jumped through one of the windows.

The time I found myself in was not a friendly one. It was rather communistic, for one; rigid and dangerous. I found myself walking down the hallway, trying desperately to fit in. A rather ugly female teacher with rather ugly brown hair cut into a rather ugly bob was looking at me; she suspected something. Gulping, I tried hard to avoid her.

At one point, I ducked into the ladies’ room, but to my awkward horror, found that it was full of boys. I used it nevertheless all the while wondering if the mens’ room was full of girls. When I exited the bathroom, sure enough, a lady exited the mens’ room at the same time, and not just any lady, but the ugly teacher.

She looked at me sternly and I hurried away, the entire time feeling as if I was in imminent, very deadly danger. I have a faint recollection of traveling through various passageways, not part of the main school building, but dark, gray passages, something that only the plumbers and electricians would normally use. The next thing I knew, I was in another hallway, the hallway that contained the very same window I had entered through. This hallway contained posters of forbidden things. Alas, time travel muddles one terribly, so I don’t remember many of them, but I’ll tell you the things I do remember.

One poster was of people fighting with fire, like the men on the rooftop had been. Others were various depictions of freedom of mind, mostly artistic expressions of various forms. There was also a wall covered in assorted shapes, I believe all of them kinds of circles, ellipses, and ovals.

Then I found myself confronted by the principle (I can’t remember if he was sent by the ugly teacher or not). He didn’t seem like an actively hostile man, more of a brainwashed minion, and I believe he was dressed in a rather drab brown suit. He began questioning me, about what, I do not remember. At one point, however [and this is the most illogical part of my dream, I think] he took out a cutout of a circle, holding it up to my head, seeing if the shape of it would match the shape of my head. I intuitively knew that if it did, I would be convicted, for it would mean I would match one of the forbidden things, like the posters and circles on the walls.

I began formulating a response in case he found that my head matched the circle, but it would have been rather confrontational, pointing out that his head, too, was about that shape, and I wondered if it would be better instead to simply remain silent. Right at the moment when a conclusion was sure to be reached, a small boy, a student, was brought to the principle, holding the picture he had drawn. It was a very acceptable picture to this communist society, except for one thing: the figures in it had artistic, fiery swirls surrounding them, like the one forbidden poster on the wall.

While the principle’s back was turned as he dealt with the unfortunate boy, I knew I had to make a quick decision. Before my mind was able to fully contemplate my options, my body sprung into action. Even as I moved, my brain started wondering if it would have been better to simply stay put, instead of acting as suspiciously as I did next. I slipped away, turning a very small corner and opening the first door I came to. I can’t remember exactly what word (or words) were written in all capital letters above this double door, but I think it was something like EXECUTIONS.

[And this is where it gets kinda weird and dark and disturbing…] I knew that this was where people with dangerous ideas were, well, executed. It was a rather small gray room, with I think five or six doorways that led to rooms within the larger room, rather like stalls in a public bathroom. There were, I believe, three directly across from the doorway. Then, on the wall on the side of the door, to the left (from the viewpoint of one just entering the room, the door was on the far right of the room) there were two other stalls/doors. On the left wall between these two walls, there was another room, somewhat different from the others, in that it was less stall-like and more of a sturdy vault door. Although I couldn’t see them, I knew that there was a teenage girl inside and her executioner; I think I recall him talking to her. I don’t remember whether or not I then heard her screaming.

I ducked into the farthest stall on the wall with two doors. Inside, there was something that looked remarkably like a toilet, but I got the impression that in fact it was some sort of electrocuting machine. All of this happened in a matter of seconds, and the principle by now had followed me into the room. I began to panic, being trapped in this little execution room, pressing myself against the farthest corner and feeling rather like a coward.

[I don’t remember exactly what happened next here; I woke up several times during this dream, but always forced myself to go back to sleep where I left off. I’m actually kinda surprised it worked, but it left things a bit muddled.] Suddenly I was aware of two other people in the room, in two of the three stalls across from me. I believe they had been prisoners there for quite a while, and they were teenagers as well, a boy and a girl. The principle decided to execute one of them. I don’t remember exactly, but I think that although he had found me, he didn’t have much of a reaction to me. However, I was unquestionably his prisoner now.

I was rather scared as he prepared the boy for execution, but also completely helpless. I had the impression, though, that since this was going to be electrocution, it would be relatively short and painless. I think the principle stepped out of the EXECUTION room and flipped a switch or something.

Although the boy was in one of the stalls, I could see inside through a rather large gap between the door and the wall. To my horror, his death was not quick and painless. In fact, his face turned purple and then blue and puffed up horribly as he screamed. Finally, he died. Terrified, I was desperate to save my own skin (and at this point, I had the impression that there was someone else with me; maybe it was the teenaged girl, maybe someone else). I felt a bit guilty as I formulated a plan of escape, since I could have saved the boy using this plan, but his execution had caught me by surprise and I didn’t dwell on it, knowing I had to act quickly.

At this point, I believe the principle had reentered the room. I quickly pulled out my cellphone (which previously I hadn’t realized I had had) and, while hiding somewhat behind the teenaged girl, I called the principle. He answered his phone and ducked out of the room, while in a fake voice I told him that the prisoners he had were not to be executed yet, under the orders of some important person.

Then, quickly, the girl and I dashed through a door that I hadn’t previously realized was there, on the wall that before had had nothing. We opened it and stepped through. Sort of. I think there was a brick wall behind the door, but at the same time, I think there was a gray, dank passageway, similar to the ones I had skulked through earlier. Of the two options (brick wall or passageway), I think the passageway is what actually happened, because somehow I got out of there, back onto the roof with the men fighting with fire, into my own bleak, gray, futuristic time.

And that, my friends, is all I can remember, and a glimpse into my rather strange mind. Curse time travel and all that. 🙂 I really wish I could remember my dreams a bit better, but honestly, I think dreams really do skip around like that, leaving large, illogical gaps. Ah, dreams….. This one should have been really depressing, but it was actually kind of awesome. As I said before, each time I woke up, I had this desperate need to know what was going to happen, so I forced myself to go back to sleep.

Kudos to you if you actually read all of this. Have any of you had a weird dream? Or any dream that you can remember, for that matter? Tell me about it!


7 thoughts on “A Very Weird Dream

  1. Haha. That was interesting. 😛 I know that I’ve had weird dreams, as I remember waking up and thinking “wow, that was really weird.” But for me to remember the actual dreams? Nope. Nada. Not gonna happen. 😛

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